Tied Notes and Voltas

• Dec 4, 2008 - 05:04

How about allowing for a tied last note in a First Ending automatically transferring the Tie to the first note of the next passage after the First Ending. Perhaps having the First Ending sign from the Lines Palette recognise if the last note in the measure is tied and if so automatically tie it to the first note, when entered, in the next measure after the end of the First Ending.


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I recently encountered this exact issue. I was re-writing a poor copy of the Colonel Bogey March for Bass Clarinet and the first ending had a tied note coming into it which also was tied into the second ending. I tried the tie and the slur to replicate the notation in the second ending but finally just ended up adding an extra bar to both endings, making the whole piece 2 bars longer.

This re-write was quite painful at times, and certainly made use of many of the capabilities of MS. Another piece I re-wrote for her (the Thunderer March from Sousa) also had a few things which MS didn't handle well. I will upload them, along with some of the issues I encountered, soon.

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I have Musescore 1.1 revision 4611.

I also have this issue. A tie added to the last note of the 1st volta ties to the 1st note of the 2nd volta if it is the same pitch - not to the 1st note of the repeated section. It also suppresses play of the 2nd volta.

If the 1st note of the repeated section is tied to the previous note (outside the repeated section), the last note of the 1st volta, if of the same pitch, is played correctly (tied to the 1st note of the repeated section) without a tie being added to that note, which is the required played result. A slur can be added to the last note of the 1st volta so it looks correct too. So, while musescore is not technically correct in this matter, practically I think it is a minor issue.

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I had to do this, adding a slur to the first notes in each of 3 voices of the 2nd time bar (which went forwards) and editing them backwards to look like ties. All fine, but I then decided to rescale the score and the slurs didn't move with the notes. I'm not sure where they went. I think I found one slurring a long line of notes somewhere else in the score that I hadn't slurred, but I never found the other two. Moral of the story - only add lines AFTER you have finished playing with the scaling.

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