Can't enter UTF-8 characters

• May 29, 2015 - 02:26

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. I can't use "Compose key + keyboard combo" to enter characters with accents when adding Staff/System/etc... text. Hunting around for them in Special Characters is a royal PITA, so I have to type them at the terminal then copy/paste them into my text.


Which OS and MuseScore version are you using? Which key are you pressing? To enter which characters? In the score or in dialogbox?

In MuseScore 2.0.1
On Windows, Alt + XXXX with XXXX the hexadecimal unicode value of the char should work.
On Mac OSX, Alt/Option + (Shift) + Letter gives access to the most used chars.

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I'm using MuseScore 2.0 on a GNU/Linux installation (Ubuntu 14.04). The Menu key on my keyboard is mapped to be the Compose key. It's been that way for a decade, and works without a hitch in all programs that take keyboard input. Is MuseScore grabbing that key for something else?

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xmodmap is no longer supported in current versions of Ubuntu from what I understand, so maybe that's the problem right there - you are trying to use a no-longer-supported tool? It did indeed work a decade ago. I don't really iunderstand all the ins and outs, but you might want to do some research to find the correct supported way of doing this on your current system.

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I don't actually use xmodmap to set the Compose key. I use the (correct, supported) KDE system settings. I merely tested with xmodmap to see if it made a difference. It didn't.

FWIW, xmodmap is working just fine with Ubuntu 14.x. I use it in a startup script to set my "Windows" key to "Escape", for example.

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Assuming a working Compose key, you would, for example, enter


to get an "a accent grave". Or, more pertinent to music


to get ù (as in "più").

Both of the ù, above, were entered in precisely this way, indicating there's something up with MuseScore since it won't let me enter that combination.

Not working for me either (xubuntu 15.04, MS 2.0.1 (build 9e84592), UK 102-key QWERTY Windows-style keyboard).

Normally I use the [AltGr] to compose thus p i [AltGr]# u give più. It works in other applications (including replying to this post) but not in MS 2.0.1 - it just reads piu without the accent. Interestingly, it used to work in MS1.3 but the same copy of 1.3 that I had (with working accents) I still have on my machine and now it doesn't work but the behaviour is different to 2.0.1 in that I get pi`u with the accent floating in space, as it were, instead of over the u.

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Mint 17.1 Rebecca (based on Ubuntu 14.04) with BÉPO keyboard (optimized for French, with dead keys for any accent of any latin alphabet)

AltGr being the first key on the right of space key

AltGr+È prepares a dead accent, and then typing u gives the requested ù and even Ù , here, in text editor, mscore 2.0, and mscore 2.1

so there should be a solution to your problem

I tried going into Settings -> Keyboard -> and specifically set the Right Alt (AltGr) key as the compose key. This didn't change the effect. MS still shows no accent (it does shows the ; ' # etc. keyboard characters so I get pi#u or whatever) and MS1.3 shows accent hovering over a space before the character.

Under Settings -> Keyboard Input Methods -> Advanced under Global input method settings I have ensured that Share the same input method among applications is checked.

I have a (standard) Intl 105 QWERTY keyboard layout (has Windows buttons, Alt and AltGr keys etc.)

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