Unexpected corruption of saved mscv file

• May 27, 2015 - 23:17
S4 - Minor

Using Musescore Portable 2.01, the file (attached) as displayed when editing was without problems. I saved the file in the customary way. When I called up the file later to make a few changes, the last section of the last movement ('Presto') was quite scrambled. No error message had been displayed on calling up the file.
I've not had a problem of this sort with other similar files recently created using version 2.01. I'm hoping I might be able to recover the section that was somehow damaged in the saving process.
Thank you for your advice.
Stan Godlovitch

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I vote for a consequence of this bug (fixed now): #60891: Split a measure by selecting a rest or note beginning on the first beat causes corruption
I can reproduce from scratch (and from measure 134 and the followings) with the 2.0.1.

Open this file (you see the same result); test file.mscz
To obtain this:
1) Measure 5 (ex 135) : type a B (quarter note)
2) Select this note -> Edit -> Measure -> Split measure (so: on the first beat)
Result: "extra barline" (for "extra measure")
3) Select this measure -> Right-click -> Measure Properties -> Change Actual Measure Duration to 1/4.
4) Continue to input the notes in the following measures.
After Save-Reload, the other effects appears: "crazy" beams/stems in the following measures, and all notes on the same pitch.

For my part, I consider that issue/thread as solved (and could be closed)

EDIT: on the original file, by changing the interval (1 instead 5) of Measure Numbers, you see an other same result: "measures" 136/137 collide: 1Schiffelholz-Sonata_III.mscz

Status (old) active needs info

I suspect you are right. Stan, does this sound likely? Were you using the "split measure" function? If so, then indeed, accidentally using that function on the first note of a measure causes problems in 2.0 & 2.0.1, already fixed in the latest builds, so we'll be able to close this if you can confirm you used the "split measure" function.

BTW, editing your file - even just pressing Ctrl+A to select all - does fix the stems, but not the underlying problem. There is an empty measure between 135 and 136. To fix the problem, you'll need to select the measures before and after, delete them completely, and add back new ones then re-enter the music.

Many thanks for tracking this down. I did indeed use the split measure function. What puzzled me even more was this: shortly after I posted my query, I found that by erasing the content of a measure in the corrupted segment, the original layout was restored. I then added back the original content of the measure and saved what I thought was the restored content. When I re-opened the file, the same problem was again present. It looks as if I will have to make some adjustments to the split measure.
Your advice is much appreciated.