Problems with Exchanging Voices

• Dec 3, 2008 - 17:57


Great program - very very promising :)

I couldnt get 4 1/16 notes + an 1/8 note as a second voice in a 3/8 measure - it kept creating 5 beamed 1/16 notes + a tie to a 1/16 note in the next measure. As a work-around, I deleted and re-entered as first voice - which worked fine - I then did Edit/Voices/Exchange Voice 1-2...this produced backward notes (ie. upward stems to the left of note heads). The beams were blue when I clicked on them (first voice) and the note heads were green (second voice). Using the flipping stem direction button produced downward stems to the right of the noteheads. Exchange Voice 1-2 now will not work on this measure.

R1321 on Vista



Thank you for reporting the backward notes after Edit > Voices > Exchange Voice 1-2.

The other part you were having trouble with is a known issue with note entry via mouse in the prereleases. Note entry via keyboard is not affected.

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