Default instrument

• May 24, 2015 - 11:33

Is it possible to set an instrument up as a "default instrument"? Both in general, and in the particular instance of importing ABC files.


I'm not sure what it mean to have a default instrument "in general". When you create a new scorwe, you are given a chocie of template - in which case, the template defines the intrument(s) - or else you can select "Choose instrument", in which case you choose the instrument. There is never any "default" that would be applied - it's always explicitly selected by the tempalte or by you. If you always like to write for some particuar instrument, you can simply create a tempalte that uses that isntrument - just create a regular score and save it your Templates folder.

For ABC import, that's going to be up to the ABC file and the online abc2xml conversion utilty that converts it to MusicXML before MuseScore sees it. MsueScoire will use whatever sound the MusicXML says to use. So if the ABC contains appropriate info, hopefully abc2xml honors that. But it does default to piano. Perhaps you could customized the ABC plugin to invoked your own private version of abc2xml, and have it use a different default instrument.

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