Whole note for 2 voices merged. Time signature re-edit adds extra rest notes.

• May 24, 2015 - 07:42

Unlike the notes with stems where we can know that 2 voices are merged into chord from the stem up and stem down, it becomes unconventional to merge 2 whole notes into one chord. I wanted a double whole notes -1 for voice 1 and other for voice 2 but everytime I try, only one whole note appeared. I had to create it myself to match the original score with the symbols provided in muse like -o-o- instead of -o- (single whole note).

Similarly, notes on 3rd line sung in 2 voices where 1 is at rest and other is sung cause visibility problem.
I know its rare but usually moving/dragging of rests up or down becomes important.
I had to fix the problem by hidding the rest note and adding a symbol instead.

(Maybe, a switch feature to drag notes at rare occassions without interfering with the beats per measure might be a possible fix. A switch ON to drag 2 voices note and An OFF to disable further dragging -whole notes or rest notes and probably notes with ties to show the tie clearly.

I committed a mistake in a measure and found it only during re-evaluation, i had to add 2/4 into 4/4, 4/4 into 2/2 etc in successions . There were extra rests in some of the measures which were played despite it being a 2/4; a 4 beat rest note instead of 2 beat rest note in it.
I am translating a score and also making a soundtrack so this creates a major problem.

Wit invisible setting, for the rest note i can atleast fix the score view but the track can't b fixed.


Which version of MuseScore and can you share the score (attch it here)?

In 2.0 whole notes of same pitch in different voices don't overlap by default, in 1.3 they did, but can get nudged so they don't.
In 2.0 rests in multivoice measures are moved up/down automagically by 2 spaces, in 1.x you'd have do do this manually

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