Pedal notation does not exist under "lines"

• May 23, 2015 - 09:07

Although I can read from the documentation ( and forum posts (e.g. that pedal notation "Ped ______" should be available under "lines", it is not on my system. See attached screenshot.

When I load this mscz file, I can see the pedal just fine. But I cannot copy-paste it over to another document. When pasting, nothing happens.

So how do I insert pedals?

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 with the musescore repository, i.e. musescore 2.0.0. I've installed fluid-soundfont-gm but not timgm6mb-soundfont, since that is not in the repositories.

Thanks in advance! And especially to all the coders and writers of the online documentation! Excellent music notation software.

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Even without switching to the advanced worksapce, the pedal lines *are* available, and are shown in your screenshot. Just not the special version that includes the optional "Ped" symbol. This special version in indeed only in the Advanced workspace. Note you can also add the "Ped" text to an ordinary pedal line manually, by adding the line, right clicking it, choosing Line Properties, and adding a special tag to the "Begin" text. Not much point in that since the "Ped" version *is* provided for you, but seeing how that text was added will be useful should you also want to add the even more optional corresponding "*" symbol to the "End" text (keyboardPedalUp).

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