issue formatting my score?

• May 23, 2015 - 01:56

Hi, i published a score & when i put it on the phone app, it plays but only the bar measure rest shows saying "32" & i can't see the notes. how can i fix this?

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When you load a score into your phone, by default only the first staff is being displayed. Tap the settings button (that one with sliders) and then tap the "eye" button to the right of "Display all parts" to show other staves.

I tried to load your score on Android and iPad and on both devices it looks just fine.

I don't know whether you've got Android or iOS but at the moment there is a bug in the most recent Android version (1.8.1) and those settings are only kept until you close a song. Once you navigate to another song they got reset to default again.

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