Tie a note at an "end repeat"

• May 22, 2015 - 07:51

I am unable to tie the last note in the last measure of a repeat sequence, to the first note in the first measure. There is no way to do that even when editing and moving the tie i.e. it is impossible to tie a note while going back. The tie goes only forward. Annoying.


Are you composing ? or rearranging a already edited sheet music ?

I think (and not sure) that if that may apply (also i'm surprised , that the first time the note would be shorter) i think the tie should go forward empty (like tie that go to a silence)
I don't know if it is doable.

you may write the 1st mesure of your reapeat before your repeat and add a barline with repeat point on the other way (sorry i don't knowthe english name so i paraphrase) in the second mesure for what it is now

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Yes, I am composing.

Actually, the tie exists already from the measure belonging to the part before and I try to retake the tie at the end of the first repeat (I repeat only twice). It seems the bug is in the editor not in the interpretation. I noticed that by tying the last note to the next note (of the next part), it actually plays the tie to the first note of the first measure in the first part (which is what I want). The editor however shows it tied to the following measure so I simply edited the tie to shorten it to the barline and the problem is solved.

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It would be incorrect to literally tie a note at the end of a repeat all the way back to the first note. Music is never notated that way - you'd have a tie running backwards across all the measures, which would be very hard to read. S, lack of support for this is not a bug - it's correct according to the ordinary rules of music notation. Instead, what is common is to show a one-side tie from the note before the end repeat and extending a short distance to the right. There is some internal supported for these one-side ties, but it is incomplete and there is no official way to create these. It's definitely something we should try to address. Whether or not there also happened to be playback for this notation is another matter.

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I agree. That is precisely the reason I edited the tie reducing it from the note to the barline. It still does not appear like half a tie (quarter of a circle) rather like a full tie but it plays well.

Note: I am tying a note to the first note of my repeat sequence not the first note of the whole partition. The last note of the sequence before that part, was already tied to the first note. Musically, it is pretty common.

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Yes, the situation is common indeed. My point was just that you don't physically connect the tie from the end to the start with a big giant backwards line. You do it with a one-sided tie. It's quite possible MuseScore will support that in the future, rather than requiring the workaround you are using. Similarly for ties into voltas, across a DS or To Coda, etc. But it's by no means a given that they playback would work - the priority, as always, would be on the notation

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