1.3 will not playback Realtek/Alsa/Pulse in PC-Linux

• May 22, 2015 - 03:54

To MuseScore "supporters":
I am a newcomer to Linux/PC-Linux (Mate'). The "last stable version" for MuseScore's Mate' package is 1.3. My 1.3 local help does not give Terminal commands, as did the 2.0 and 2.01 versions. I have no meaningful experience with code or programming. I cannot activate playback in MuseScore using a Realtek AC97 motherboard audio codec. There is no physical midi port for the codec. "Synthesizer" is greyed out in its menu; playback icons are greyed out, and I cannot install a soundfont, or install a package softsynth.("FluidSynth"; "ABC".) The system sounds of the Realtek, Alsa, and Pulse Audio in Mate Volume control play back audibly to my external reference amp and reference speakers. Also I can use Realtek/Alsa/Pulse with Skype with duplex in/out, and get recorded playback. I am not getting any traction from my user group searches yet. I cannot locate a 1.0 Jack package download, if relevant.
I am hoping that my 1.3 integration, "last stable version" will find
a few simple expedients to gain functionality for playback, or definitively advise abandonment of the Realtec codec approach on PC-Linux Mate'. I did default in Terminal, and the status quo is the same. I could send a copy of the Terminal output text lines if that proves logical. There is a Terminal line which states "unsupported sample rate".
These are the default perameters in preferences\I.O.:
Use JACK MIDI output is unchecked.
Ports 2 (checked) Remember last connection(s) is greyed out.
Use internal synthsizer is checked.
JACK Audio Server is unchecked.
Left-Port & Right Port are greyed out and empty.
Alsa Audio is checked.
Device: lists default with no alternate choice.
Sample rate lists 7 choices between 22050 and 192000 and was
originally set to 48000.
Fragments are set to 3, and scroll up & down.
Period Size is set to 1024 and scrolls up and down between 64
and 4096.
Port Audio is checked, but Api and device are empty, with no
choices, but are not greyed out.
I tried scrolling through some of the sample rates, exiting
and restarting for each, without result.

I would like to experience an active integration in PC-Linux, rather than move to Ubuntu or Debian or Fedora at this time. Is there a Terminal command for this 1.3 version that might be resolving? I tried the "extended Linux partition on one physical Windows drive" approach, but I decided to use a second physical drive for Linux, and I have added a 4th partition; NTFS; in case this Realtek codec is so inextricably linked to a Windows process, that despite all my Linux activity of configuration attempts, I possibly could try the 1.3 MuseScore there on NTFS-Linux, but I don't know how to carry out such an install. The computer originally had one of those integrated XP OS discs, with drivers for the motherboard codec. I tried a "MuseE" install, but since I am doing the MuseScore setup on request, and the music notation is less emphasized in MusE, I opted out of MusE. The behavior of MusE (latest version, with Terminal commands) was much the same as MuseScore 1.3 with the Realtek codec. I intend to do any and all music preparation off-line, with printing and accuracy checking with playback, but not do any audio recording in the forseeable future with MuseScore 1.3 in PC-Linux Mate'.
The computer is a Gateway T6410, with PCIExpress and an ATI
chipset and 1.5G DDR1. I don't beleive the 2005 processer is SSE but I am not sure.
I do not see any MuseScore 1.3 key requirement, as with Fedora.
Sincerely, Evan Mundy


I hope I didn't alienate the masses by designating them as "supporters"! Well, I had to reset up the computer after it became arbitrary, with arbitrary shut downs. I Secure Erased it. I then find that MuseScore and MusE are not in the PC-Linux package list anymore. I am assuming that the main, latest download at the MuseScore web-site is for Windows, not Linux (or Mac), since the alternate downloads have a seperate section, with links. If I am incorrect and anybody can verify that it would work with PC-Linux Mate', I would try it.
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

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I would think that the disappearance of Muse/MuseScore from your package list is entirely down to the package maintainers, possibly connected with the release of MuseScore 2.

The obvious answer (to me anyway) is to consider abandoning what appears to be a somewhat unstable version of Linux in favour of a more stable mainstream distro with regular MuseScore support.

Personally I would recommend Ubuntu Studio, but there are several out there which are listed on the download page.

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Thanks so much for your post reply. Since I last wrote, the "update sound/apply" process
of the Synaptic package manager brought up the latest version of MuseScore, installed it, and it
is running. It uses Pulse Audio, and everything else is greyed out in preferences/IO. PLayback
is quite reasonable, but there are no managable effects, unlike Windows installations I have tried out. Also, the computer has shut down twice as I was completing a test music peice for printing.
I wanted to get to the test print without "autosave", and off-line/unconnected. Anyway, I think I'll
let this live for a while yet, but the threshold for unwarranted shut downs is looming. Thanks again for your post.
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

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To Robert Leleu:
Without going to the web-site, I can tell you that it is PC-Linux/Mate' and the version is 14-
something from Dec. 2014. This is the latest version listed on the computer I used to locate it.
As a new user, I received an email notification of your post reply, which stated not to send a reply via email, so I am replying in this forum. I have not looked into the Ubuntu link yet. If Ubuntu is
offering 1.3 as the latest, instead of 2.01 (?) are Ubuntu's other features a good reason to use Ubuntu instead of PC-Linux?
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

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To Robert Leleu:
I am continuing my investigations of PC-Linux Mate'. I had a really bizarre experience
attempting data backup to cdr/w and/or DVD/R. However, other features are gradually
emerging , as if they were being held back or "scaffolded" for an idiot, who had passed
through his time-elapsed requirements. I also had trouble downloading and installing
a cd burner or archiver. The process appeared to hope to have me permit non-package
dependencies. I hope my less-detailed information in the last post without a link led you to the site and any information that you are attempting to clarify. I inadvertantly deleted the email
that went to my email account, but your last post still contains the Ubuntu link.
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

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To Robert Leleu:
I was reviewing my posts, and I wanted to clarify something in case it was off-putting. In my
first post I refer to "allowing Linux to live". I realize that in an international exchange of communication and information, perhaps slang or colloquial phraseology could be misinterpreted. You probably (hopefully) realize I was referring to the process of secure erasing an offending drive.
I am still in the process of evaluating my approach to fairly basic considerations for running
MuseScore on Linux. For example, I exchanged repositories, and when I looked into installing
a Brother laser printer which has Windows drivers; (no Linux drivers); the dependencies of the basic
print-package could not be modified, and included a print server, and drivers for printers I do
not own, and probably don't want to buy, if I could. Using a print server and Lan for printing is
"impractical" for me personally at this time, but the structure of the repository seems to try to force me in the opposite direction. However, I am still giving PC-Linux Mate' a chance to prove itself to me, before I investigate other options!
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

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