Deleting first bar changes bass to treble clef

• May 20, 2015 - 17:33

This problem occured when I inserted some bars and afterwards wanted zo delete them again.

All my basses all of a sudden had millions of ledger lines for they had a treble clef in their front. ( Don´t know how you´d say in english )

I guess this could be a bug.

Is there any possibility to decorrupt my files in 2.0 ? ( I did not find anything like the script debugger )

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Well, they aren't *corrupt* as far as I can tell. It just ahs the wrong clef. Simply replacing the the clef you want instead - bass - should work fine. If not, could you post the score itself - not just a picture of it?

Normally, MuseScore should be able to know what the default clef is for the instrument and it should stay that way as you insert and delete measures. However, that won't necessarily be the case for scores imported from other formats, and even for scores created from scratch, I could imagine certian combinations of inserting and deleting measures, changing staff type, etc getting it into a state where it loses track of the original clef. If you can find precise steps to reproduce this problem, that would be useful.

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