Is there a way to change the playback duration of a note without changing it's value?

• May 20, 2015 - 00:43

I'd like to do that with some vocal notes. I wish it sounded as non legato. I tried to use stacato and set it invisible, but it doesn't sound good either cause the notes value is cutted by half. Is there a way to simulate a non legato execution of the playback?


I normally recommend simply using a sound other than one of the vocal sounds - they are generally too indistinct. Clarinet, violin, really just about anything else usually sounds better to me. Or you could try different soundfonts to see if one has vocal sounds that work better for you, but I've never found one I liked for voice.

Which is all to say, there is no straightforward way to change the length of notes globally for a track. You can right click a staff and choose the Pianoroll Editor and edit notes individually, but that would be a major pain for the purpose you describe.

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