Navigator rectangle selection not updating when resize my window

• May 19, 2015 - 01:37

I've tried this on current Windows 2.0.1, Linux 2.0, and Linux nightly (on ubuntu studio 15.04). Whenever I resize the musescore window, the little blue rectangular selector representing my current view in the navigator does not update it's size. For instance in the attached screenshot, I started in full screen mode, and then resized to half screen, but the blue selector in the navigator remains the same as it was before I resized my window. If I then click and drag on the rectangle, the rectangle does not update to represent the changed window size. Rather, only when I click outside of the blue rectangle selector in the navigator that the blue rectangle updates to the new window size.

This was causing me frustration as I was unable to change the view to the second page after resizing my window to half-screen size from full-screen size. I eventually quit and reopened musescore and eventually figured out I had to click outside the blue rectangle.

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It's a bug if the navigator doesn't resize, for sure, but really, you shouldn't be needing the navigator just to change pages - that's why it is turned off by default. Instead, use the mouse wheel (with Shift), or the Page Up / Down keys.

Looks like there is an issue filed for this already, though - see #21884: Highlighted region in the navigator does not update when resizing the main window.. BTW, the workaround seems to be to press any of the keybaord navigation keys like Home, End, Page Up / Down, or turn the navigator off then back on via the F12 key or the View menu.

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