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• Jun 15, 2010 - 01:45

I'll try to keep a long and complicated story as short as possible. I added a "high roto-toms" part to a score of music with other instruments. I previously had a 1/4 (1 beat) pickup measure into 4/4 time for all parts. When I added this roto-tom part, the pickup started lasting for 4 beats, although it was still notated as 1. So in english, it showed a quarter note, but when I hit play, it played the quarter note, took three measures rest, then continued with the piece. I tried going under measure properties, and read through the manual, but everything seemed legit. Can someone please tell me what to check, and possible remedies. I can answer any questions if that helps. Thanks!


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So I enclosed a copy of the score, and a screenshot of the beginning of the piece. If you open up the music, and hit play you'll hear the note in the pickup measure, then 3/4 measure rest, even though the measure is irregular and should only be played for 1/4, then the rest of the piece will continue. If you have any ideas how to fix it, or if you could fix it for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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What version of MuseScore are you using? Are you able to give steps to reproduce the bug starting from a new score?

I fixed the score using version 0.9.6 by inserting a new measure and deleting the problem measure. If will need to be using version 0.9.6 or later to correctly open the file.

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