Playback sound very distorted [MuseScore 2.0]

• May 18, 2015 - 00:29

I've tried everything that's been suggested.
I've Adjusted volume
I've turned off reverb and chorus
I've changed sound fonts
I've rebooted multiple times
I've prayed
I've updated my sound drivers
I've updated windows.
I've restored factory defaults.

All these thing, and still, whenever I try to play back my score it distorts and slows randomly to 1/3 speed. It makes score development nearly impossible. I'm on windows 8.1, I'm using a NVIDEA sound card. I have an intel i3 processor, and a very fast cpu. I generally have no other programs running when I'm using muse score. I restart my Computer regularly. Nothing seems to fix this issue though, and I don't have enough money laying around to switch to sebelius.
Does anyone in there right mind have any practical reasons/solutions for this problem? It is driving insane not being able to compose.


You say you adjusted volume - did you do that in the Synthesizer window? That's where you'd need to do it. What are your settings in Edit / Preferences / I/O?

It's possible there is some issue with the specific score you are having problems with; feel free to post it.

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Yes, I did do it in the synthesizer window, It worked the first time, but since then it no longer has any effect.
My I/O settings are as follows.
Port Audio: [checked]
Device: NS-24D510NA15-4 (NVIDEA High Definition)
MIDI Input: n/a
JACK audio server: [unchecked]
*all following boxes are grayed out / unchecked*

Thanks for the reply.

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Nvidia is more of a video card rather than soundcard supplier.
Does your device NS-24D510NA15 happen to be an Insignia television?

If so, and you have a headphone jack on your computer, try to use that for headphones (or a set of speakers) to eliminate the possibility of interference with your audio going through HDMI or some other convoluted path (or cable) to the TV that could be causing a problem.
Also, with the headphones (or speakers) plugged into your computer's audio out, change the Device in I/O settings to a choice other than NS-24D510NA15 - e.g. try Microsoft Sound Mapper.


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I tried, and the quality only got worse as i tried different devices. I notice that the distortions get worse as more parts join and eighth notes occur. I have more than enough spare ram/cpu for this program, so I could imagine it was running low on memory.
Thanks in advanced.

You don't say which OS you are using, although I gather that it some flavour of Windows.

If you are running Windows 7 or later have you checked the levels in the Volume Mixer?

It could be that they are too high, particularly if you are routing sound to a TV.

To access the Volume Mixer right click the speaker icon in your system tray.


@ Lane dibello...
First, follow ChurchOrganist's advice above about checking the levels in the operating system's volume mixer.

If still no luck...
You say you can run MuseScore 1.3 in Windows 8.1 through your TV without distortion, yet the *exact same score* played with MuseScore 2.0 exhibits sound distortion... yes?
If so, check the Edit / Preferences / I/O settings in each version of MuseScore to confirm that they are identical.

Alternatively, try MuseScore 2.0.1 and, if necessary, use the TimGM6mb soundfont:

(I know you said you tried a different soundfont in MuseScore 2.0, but was it TimGM6mb? That is, was it the same soundfont which MuseScore 1.3 uses with no distortion?)


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My volume mixer is on the lowest audible setting. I can't play the same score on the old version without receiving a message "your version is too old", but I've never experienced any promblem in my past use.
I'll try the other sound font.

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