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• Nov 30, 2008 - 22:58

I was wondering if someone could explain the spacing of notes within a bar in r1333. I'm using r1333 more than 9.3 now and cannot quite figure out how it is set up to work. In 9.3, for example, if you entered 4 1/4 notes in 4/4 time there seemed to be 4 distinct places where the notes were placed, all equally space. However with r1333, there seems to be many places where the notes can go, which if the note does not hit the correct spot first time it leads to changing of previous notes time values, adding of rests, tieing notes over to the next bar, which all have then to be deleted and redone. On many occasions even if the notes all turn out as expexted - say 4 1/4 notes - they might not be equally spaced with varying gaps between the notes which again means that they have to be edited and moved, or deleted and re-inserted hopefully in the correct position without changing to different note values, rests, etc. I'm finding it a bit frustrating and not as simple as perhaps it could be (or was in 9.3).
(see attached sample - particularly measures 9, 10, and 11 in the soprano staff - wrong rest also)

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The current mscore allows for more time positions to insert notes with the mouse. The implementation is somewhat suboptimal and also has some bugs. Im working on it to more restrict the timepositions to make noteentry easier.
If note spacing is irregular, its a sign that the notes are not at the proper time posiiton.
Note entry by keyboard is not effected by this problems.

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Thanks Werner, I know you and others are working on all sorts of things. I generally haven't been using the keyboard but might start so I can keep using r1333.
It's turning out to be a great program - can't wait for the next stable version.

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