Split a measure by selecting a rest or note beginning on the first beat causes corruption

• May 16, 2015 - 21:08
S2 - Critical

Nightly 4591fe0/ Windows7
(First reported in this thread: https://musescore.org/fr/node/60881)

1) Load this file: test half note.mscz
2) Select the half note -> Edit -> Measures -> Split measure

Result (fail of the splitting +"double barline" or rather "extra" barline)
And after Undo (the rest in the second measure disappears)
result after Undo.jpg

Other variations ( with exactly the same steps):

- File with quarter note: test quarter note.mscz
If you select the quarter rest (second beat), it works. If you select the quarter note (first beat), it fails

- Ditto with rests: test file rests.mscz
Select the whole rest (same steps always) + Undo: corruption.
After Save-Reload this same file: 1test file rests.mscz, a warning appears -> Ignore -> Clic on the second measure (without rest)

Result: crash. Same result after Save-Reload with the previous files


Going back in time, I note that this issue is very former.
From what I see, it had two "faces":
In May 19, I receive this (the "extra" barline is before the time signature)
may 19.jpg
But Undo works.
Undo may 19.jpg
From June (7, in this example), I get this (so, that is the result from today)
And after Undo:
Undo June7.jpg

Absolutely, this operation does not make sense, it's what I wrote in the original thread (French forum). Or rather, I wrote that these operations were not intended to split a measure, but to split... a beat (the first). This is the same: no sense!
An error message seems to be the appropriate answer for this. Thanks.