Playback and wave audio sounds different.

• Jun 13, 2010 - 16:09

As per the subject. I'm trying out the Musescore 0.9.6. On playback, the instruments would be at a specific volume. But as I saved the file into audio wave, the instruments were all at a different volume from during playback.


The audio files were good with 0.9.5 release. A problem has been introduced with the first 0.9.6 release and is still there with the one. The sound is corrupted. The difference between score playback and the corresponding WAV file is great when using a good audio equipment with Hi-Fi speakers.

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Using any of the 0.9.6 releases, FluidR3_GM soundfont, Windows XP, and the attached score :
Generate the wav file corresponding to this score, with no reverb at all.
First, play and listen carefully the score. Then, play the wav file (with the same audio system off course) : Clarinet covers the other parts ; there is a lot of reverb ; piano seams to be under ground ...
With the 0.9.5 release, both way of playing gave exactly the same sound with this kind of score.

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After last comment from ruixiangz, I made different tests and found this about the reverb (and I think for other parameters also) :
The score playback takes care of the reverb parameters from the synthesizer control panel AND from the mixer control panel.
The audio file generation takes care of ONLY the mixer reverb parameters, but in a way the reverb is anormally increased (reverb to zero gives no reverb ; a very few reverb gives a lot). The synthesizer parameters seam to have no action on audio files, except for the specified soundfont.

I experienced the same bad quality of the wav file generated (my system is windows 7 based). Sound very confused also excluding completely reverb and chorus.
Currently I create MIDI files with MuseScore, that I convert in mp3 using Timidity, with a very satisfying results.

Using a piano/tenor score as an example, I too find the outputted MIDI (don't know about WAV) to be different (in the mixer settings - at least the volume), compared to MuseScore's playback (which seems to be fine). The MIDI (played on QuickTime 7.6.4 - also see this ) seems to feature vocals quieter than the piano, despite the piano volume having a lower setting. The MIDI itself isn't loud overall either.

Using MuseScore 1.0.0 pre-release 2 (3949) and Mac 10.4.11.

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