Which programming language do I need to participate?

• May 15, 2015 - 21:46

I would like to take part at programming Musecore. Which programming language do I need?
FYI I'm a Python beginner.


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That was about plugins, which are not written in C++ but are as described. If what you are trying to do is better suited as a plugin, you will need to re-write it using Javascript and/or QML. If it is something well-suited to eventually include in the application itself, C++ is the way to go. But most code that would make sense to include within MsueScore couldn't be written as a standalone algorithm anyhow - you'd need an understanding of the data structures and algorithms used in MuseScore. What is it you are proposing? It's usually best to discuss ideas on the developer's mailing list and/or the IRC channel (see Development link in menu at right of this page) before proceeding too far.

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