Play Panel calculates score duration wrong

• Jun 12, 2010 - 12:02
S4 - Minor

I have scores with several repeat bars. When I play them the playtime in the play panel is correct but after the score finished I want to jump back to a part of which I just know the time frame but when I start clicking the scroller for the time it calculates it wrong (actually it does not calculate the time as long as I dont hit play)

And I checked the manual there is no description of what the first timestamp in the play panel is anyway


Status (old) fixed active

Doesn't seem fixed in 6e12077 (July 3's Windows nightly build). The measure and beat display correctly but the timestamp does not change when I slide back and forth.

Title Play panel calculates score duration wrong Play Panel calculates score duration wrong

To be certain, could you try with the latest and report back?

Just because there's been a few changes pertaining to the Play Panel.

Status (old) active fixed

Sorry about that. I guess the icon on my Windows task bar needed fixing (because of the name change from mscoreNightly to MuseScoreNightly)

(tested with 345ba4c Windows Nightly build)