Select similar spanners in a range selection doesn't work

• May 14, 2015 - 14:06
S4 - Minor

Nightly 9e84592/ Windows7
(*first reported in this thread:

1) Load this file: test file lines.mscz
2) Select all the first system (9 measures) containing different lines
3) Right-click on the first hairpin (so: highlighted):
-> Select -> All similar elements in range selection
-> Select -> More -> Tick "in selection"

Expected result:
2expected result.jpg
Current result: nothing is select
result lines.jpg

After checking, it appears that this issue is native of the implementation of this new feature on July 16: (because the second image has been produced with this Nightly 963fd37, as on a few nightlies in the following months with the same result)

For the record, a new implementation ("in selection") is added some days after:, with the same negative result with the two "scenarios" of Select

To finish, notice that in the attached test file above, the voltas are not selected. It's an expected result since this commit:
To fix: #42521: Overlapping voltas created by copy & paste