can't select any line segments in a range?

• May 13, 2015 - 14:31

2.0.1, Win 8.1

1. Create a new score or open an existing score;

2. Add multiple lines of a specific type (slurs, hairpins, pedal lines, ottavas, etc.) to a group of measures;

3. Select that group of measures as a range;

4. Hover mouse pointer over one of the lines and right-click;

5. Verify that the context menu is titled '[line type] Segment';

4. Attempt to select all lines in the range either with (a) Select > All Similar Elements in Range Selection, or with (b) Select > More... and then tick the 'In selection' box;

5. No lines are selected.


I've tried all the ways in the guide to select a bar, e.g., and delete it but nothing: fn, control, command, right click, left click and nothing will select, just dead. I have a Mac, OS X 10.9

Appreciate your help.

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Oh! So that's it! (I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you—as you'll be in a few moments.)

You're simply in note input mode. This means that clicking on the staff places a note where you click (and typing letter names enters notes). You can tell you're in note input mode by this, and by the fact that the button at the left of the toolbar with an N on it is highlighted.

To do things like select measures, you need to first leave note input mode. You can do this by pressing N on your keyboard, or Esc, or turning it off from the toolbar. Then you'll be in normal mode, and you can select things, move things, or whatever—including deleting measures.

See how easy it is? ;-)

If you have an up-to-date version of MuseScore, you'll have a score called Getting Started (that I actually put together) appearing in your Start Center when you first open MuseScore (if it's not showing, go to the File menu and choose Open Recent -> Clear Recent Files and then choose Start Center from the View menu). You might find it very helpful. You can also download the Getting Started score from

Also, on the main page of, there is an embedded YouTube playlist with a series of tutorials—they take a lot more time, but they're a lot more in-depth than my Getting Started score is.

Please let me know how it all works out.

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Sheesh. I even printed that page--miss the N part.
I'm finding this slow to get and I am not a patient person (with myself). I'm also old, never learned how to take my time, and now think there is too little to waste.
So, I'll be back to this page.
Thanks for your patience and for your expertise-- all for free.


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You're very welcome. Any time. Though I would encourage you to create separate forum topics if you need more help, rather than adding any more to this page, "can't select any line segments in a range?".

In the meantime—if I may quote myself from the Getting Started score—"Always remember—press Escape to leave note input mode." ;-)

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