Pdf export don't work on 2.0.1

• May 11, 2015 - 23:21


Musescore version : 2.0.1 b25f81d
Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

I work on a score with 14 pages, the first is number "-1".

I have a problem to export this score to pdf format (File > Export). The pdf file obtained has only 1 page (the page number "0").

2 ways :

#1 File > Export = 1 page in the pdf file


#2 File > Print > PDF > Save as PDF (mac os) = 1 page in the pdf file if "all" is chercked
= the range I had defined before, ONLY IF the range begins to page 1, because "0" or "-1" is out of range for the field.

-> When I change the first number of the page with "1", pdf export with all pages works very well.

What happen ? I missed something ?


It's not really clear what you mean. You are setting the first page numebr to "-1" (negative one), using Layout / Page Settings? Why? And you only have problems if you do this? The obvius answer would then seem to be, don't do that. If you're trying to create pages up front before page 1, do that in a separate program if this isn't working for you.

But FWIW, it *is* working for me. So maybe something specific about this score is causing the problem? Please post the score and preecise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

Thanks a lot for your help !

This problem happens with any score. (example attached)
The steps to do it :
1. Open a score (File > open)
2. Set first page number to a negative value (Layout > Page settings)
3. Export to PDF
The result is a pdf file with only the page number "0".

It's important for me because I use Musescore for the first time for a professional task for a publishing project (I want to forget sibelius :-D ). And starting with negative value allow me to have a page "-1" for a title, page "0" for editorial note, and page "1" for the first page of the score, all included in one file. The goal is to not use an external soft, although I know it's easier.

I searched in the issue tracker, but I have not found this bug. I was probably too tired this last night ! I will search again. If the bug is already known, no need to answer here.

Thanks, and bravo for your work on this fabulous program !

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Jojo-Schmitz : bravo for this feature, very important in my opinion.
I don't know how works the development process.
What mean that your code was merged in the master's branch ?
It's not included in the 2.0.1 version then ? In the last nightly maybe ?

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