Image of Down Prall in pallete doesn't match ornament on note

• May 11, 2015 - 18:13
Graphical (UI)
by design

Looking at what should be a Down Prall in the list of Articulations & Ornaments shows a Line Prall instead.
On applying the Down Prall the correct ornament is shown on the note but is clearly different to the one shown in the pallete.

Down_Prall_in Palettes_Screenshot - 110515 - 17:47:00.png

In the picture above the ornament on the note is the one produced by double clicking on the highlighted Down prall that the cursor is on in the image.

It seems that the image for the Line Prall in the bottom left corner has been used by mistake for the Down prall??

Have checked and this is also so in today's Nightly version.



The palette uses Bravura, the score by default uses Emmentaler. Switch score to use Bravura and the glyphs will match
This is the glyph ornamentDownPrall, that other one is ornamentLinePrall, both are indeed looking identical and are in fact combined from the same glyhps, ornamentLeftVerticalStroke, ornamentZigZagLineNoRightEnd, ornamentZigZagLineNoRightEnd, and ornamentZigZagLineWithRightEnd, which indeed is a bit strange.

What made it seem like bug is that I recreated it in a cleanly unzipped Nightly Version with a newly created score and the visual mismatch was evident straight away.