Adding 2 or more separate pieces on the same Letter size page

• Jun 7, 2010 - 17:40

I am using Musescore to create good playing versions of 17th century guitar music. One common form is the Suite which will often contain 6 or more short distinct movements, some of which are no more than 3-4 staves long. At present, I do not know if Musescore allows the entry of 2 or more distinct pieces on the same page. If it does, I'd appreciate being told how to do it. (What I do at present is create PDFs of these short but distinct sections of Suites and then cut-and-paste onto Word files - but this loses all the editing functions.) Otherwise, would it be possible to allow the creation on the same page of a complete 3-4 stave movement with its own title, followed by another distinct 3-4 stave movement with its own title on the same Letter size format page? Thanks for any information on this.


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Thank you for your helpful tutorial. I've tried it on a few pieces with some success but there's a problem with some pieces. When I copy an attached movement with an upbeat measure to the added bar, the copy function in Musescore doesn't recognize that format and adds the upbeat into the newly copied material as if part of an entire measure thereby throwing out all the following measures. Have you a way - besides redoing the upbeat measure as a newly edited separate entry - of copying the entire movement to be added so that Musescore recognizes the upbeat measure as a separate legitimate part of all the copied material? Thanks.

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This tutorial seems to give the exact work-around I'm looking for. Only trouble for me is that the Google-translation from Spanish give terms that I'm not familiar with. I'm wondering if there is someone with skills in Spanish and English as well as MuseScore who could reproduce this tutorial for a language-limited American. I teach elementary band and orchestra in Pennsylvania. I frequently hand out pages that have a selection of short incipids, ditties or exercises. ~R~

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I've done (and taught) that, as follows
1 Enter all the fragments as if they were 1 single song. Insert final bars, key and measure changes where needed. For pick up measures in the middle of the song, choose the bar and right click Properties, use "real value" to enter the duration of the pick-up.
2 Format the page using formatting tools (the last 3 element on the palette)
3 At this point, to avoid key and measure warnings at the end of a piece, go to Stile-Edit General Style, and on Page tab, uncheck "courtesy" warnings.

It works for me and my students

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