Creating a new section of a work on the same page

• Jun 7, 2010 - 16:16
S5 - Suggestion

Many thanks for your fine notation software. Is there currently a way to start a new section of a work on the same page? I wish to use this software to notate such things as 17th century guitar suites. In many of these multi-movement works, a new movement (portion, piece) may be no more than 3-4 staves long; e.,g., a short prelude followed by a short allemande, or two brief minets followed by a bouree. In traditional music printing it is customary to include 2-3 such distinct movements per page - with titles for each. I wasn't able to manage this division on a single Musescore page and so resorted to cut-and-paste after creating PDF files and patching them onto a Word file. It would be very useful to be able to remain within Musescore for later corrections. Please let me know if this kind of editing is now possible and if so how. Otherwise, I'd much appreciate the addition of such a function - somewhat like adding a new separate paragraph on a page of regular type.
Thank you.