Notating duplet quarters in 5/8 time

• May 11, 2015 - 03:06


I'm trying to typeset Ravel's quartet, 4th movement, which is in 5/8, partly so our group can listen to the rhythms in their own parts. (Has someone already typeset this?)

I figured out how to get a whole measure rest subdivided into two equal 8th-note rests by selecting the whole rest and pressing Ctrl-2. (Why are they eighth-note rests instead of quarter rests?)

If I click on the first 8th-rest and click the quarter-note icon in the toolbar, the rest becomes a quarter rest. Good. But the same does not work for the second 8th-rest in the measure, even if I try it first.

How can I get that second half of the duplet to be a quarter note value?

Also, I'm having trouble figuring out how to copy and paste an entire chord.

Thanks in advance,



The 5/8 duplet looks like a bug to me. I'm not sure sure the code was designed to handle a division of a note value that cannot actually be represented as a single note. Probably the thing to do now is just make the beam invisible (click it, press "V").

Copy and paste is simple. Just select the chord any of the usual ways selection works - eg, click one note, shift+click another to select that range, or just shift+click a single chord if nothing else is selected. Also click then shift+left/right etc, or shift+drag.

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