Musescore failed changing instruments / tablature / tab, courante 6 cordes

• May 9, 2015 - 10:29

Windows seven 64 bits with 16 g. memory
Musescore 2.01 version.

The failed problem will occured of any files.

Musescore failed if i change edition/ instruments / tablature / tab, courante 6 cordes with tablature not attached.
If the tablature is joined(attached), that's OK.

For the first or second option that's ok in any tablature option.

Please fill the file in attached mode for testing.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regard / Jean-Pierre SALAÜN

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Which version of MuseScore are you using? On which OS?

Can you give exact steps to reproduce the crash? Start with which sort of score we should create? Does the crash open on any file? or just a particular one?

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It's due to the fact that "stemless" is ticked in Measure properties in the Tab staff combined with the presence of an irregular triplet in this same measure 6.

measure stemless.jpg

If you untick this button in Measure properties, the change to a staff type "common" works well.
Repaired Users_jps_AppData_Local_scMx2392.mscz

Issue reported here. #59861: Tick "stemless" in measure properties for an irregular triplet and dotted notes causes a crash in Tab staff

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Hi JP,
Of course, this issue must be fixed. But the irregular triplets or dotted notes works fine in Tab staff "common", except if you made a mistake by checking "Stemless" in a single measure (why this one?) of the tab staff "simple", without apparent reason via the measure properties (I agree of course that no one is safe from a temporary clumsiness) :)
Because (and I speak under the control of Miwarre and others), this operation inevitably leads to a conflict between a Tab staff "simple" (without stems, by default), and another kind of Tab staff "common" (with stems).
What I understand less well, it is why it works well with Tab staff "Full" (with stems, but with a different stem style? E.g. through staff?)

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