Coda sign moving, can't correct it

• May 9, 2015 - 02:37
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I created a 'to coda' text above a coda sign. The sign itself got moved to the adjacent page, and I am unable select it to delete or move it See line 4 of p2 of the attached file That sign was supposed to be directly across from it on Page 1 where it says 'to coda' . . now I don't know what to do with it . . .

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I select/all similar elements, but nothing happens. Only the coda sign I can select is actually selected.
And I did not move the other coda off the original page.. It just somehow ended up there

Nothing is supposed to happen just by selecting - it's the Ctrl+T that does the trick. I tried it, it works just as I said.

I understand you didn't *deliberately* move the coda sign. But you must have moved it somehow - either inadvertently dragging it when you intended to just reposition the canvas, or maybe you dragged it to the right at a time when the measure it was attached to was elsewhere on the page, and when the layout changed, that same horizontal offset forced the sign off the page.

Thanks Mark, but at least for me it does not work. I guess I'm doing something wrong, but your instructions are clear . . …. I 'select all similar elements' by Control/Clicking the coda sign that's supposed to be there, the 2nd one. But nothing gets selected. So I click that coda sign to select it, THEN "control/click/select all similar elements" But still only the one coda sign is selected. But OK, I'll try the Control-T (you said control-R in your original post) tried 'em both. . . . but nothing at all happens. If I move the 2nd coda sign, Command-R seems to move it back. But I can't get anything to happen with the unwanted one.

No, "Select / All similat elements" is a menu. When you right click sny element, a pop up menu appears. One of the items on it is Select. Click that, a second submenu appears. One of the items that appears on it is "All similar elements". This is one of the main ways of selecting multiple items in MuseScore. So, right click the coda oyu can access, Select / All similar elements, then Ctrl+R (the T was a typo).

@NeiltheKVeg, clearly, you're on a Mac, and in this case the shortcut is Command+R. But I'm not sure why Select All Similar Elements isn't working for you. It actually shouldn't matter whether or not you select the coda on the second page before secondary-clicking it. Can you try it with other types of elements? Note heads, barlines, clefs?

But whatever the problem you're having is, I downloaded your file and did the operation for you:

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