strange counting in measures

• Nov 28, 2008 - 18:44

I wasn't satisfied with a time signature and I changed it from 2/4 to 4/4. Everywhere were rests appearing.
But when I came 14 measures from the start of the change, there was no change of time signature, but from then on I could only put 3 1/4 notes in a measure. The next one is going to the next measure. But I was replacing a 1/2 rest. So I could only replace a half rest with 1/4 note...

When looking in detail to the list "edit: measure" I see that the "len" of the measure with measure 158 (from this one it's acting strange) is changing from 1920 to 1440. It's only at measure 178 that it is put back to 1920. That's after two pagebreaks.
Strangly enough there was within these measures that in the original situation there was in measure 170 a time signature change. The 4 1/4 notes there were there originally are still there. But when I want to change things it is impossible to put again 4 1/4 notes in a measure. It stops with 3.

Changing the measure between isn't doing anything good.

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