Segnos in album

• May 8, 2015 - 18:57

When creating album:
A segno tells the performer to repeat playing of the music starting at the nearest segno, but playback repeats to first segno. Is this correct or was I taught wrong.

Each song in the opera has D.S. & segnos but when combined in album playback reverts to first segno (previous song & further). Is there a way to only go back to the previous segno (same song)????

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Elektrische Funken Walzer.mscz 22.86 KB


Use the Inspector to change the label name of the segno(s) and the "Jump to" property for the DS. (You can ignore the instructions in the attached score as I just borrowed one I had used to illustrate beaming). It would also be reasonable to label them on the score if there was any risk of confusion.

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Beaming14.mscz 18.01 KB

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