fingering and crash

• Nov 27, 2008 - 20:32

version 0.9.4 1321
when I add single fingering for accordion the numbers appear next to the note. But when I use the circled numbers, they appear where I want to. But with accordion you use the circeld numbers when you have to move your fingers to another position and the normal numbers are for identifying which finger you have to use.
Could it be possible to move the non-circled fingerings also to the top of the notes, just as the circled fingers?
Is this a bug or an on-purpose?

when I copy a set of notes sometimes the program crashes and I have lost alle my music. The piece I was working on shows a blank sheet when opening. I can't reproduce it. It doesn't happen always when I copy, nor can I tell when exactly it happens. I suspect that it appears when I am copying a few notes to a place near a measurementchange, but I am not sure. I now make duplicate savings under different names.


Sometimes the finger numbers appear beside each note for a chord in keyboard music. But I agree that most common placement is above or below the note.

It probably is the same mistake. I'll keep it in mind.
By the way: I love the program, easy to use and a lot of things it can do. Compliments.

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