Sforzato Accents

• May 8, 2015 - 02:58

I've been working with Musescore for multiple years and one thing has always bugged me: there is no capability (that I have been able to find) to use a keyboard shortcuts for the sforzato (>) accent. Staccato, tenuto, and even marcato are able to have a keyboard shortcut set in the Preferences menu, but sforzato remains unable to be created via the keyboard, and this is very annoying.


Agreed, this should be there. Seems it was discussed not that long ago and I thought maybe it was going to happen, but apparently not.

BTW, in case you are trying to add these by drag & drop, do know that markings like this can be added much more efficiently by selecting one or mote notes then double clicking the palette icon to add it to all selected notes at once. Maybe you already knew that, but often people looking for shortcuts don't realize this much already exists.

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If you place one sforzato down, then click on it to select it, then click ctr+c to copy (on Windows), then you can click/arrow-key to any other notes you want (even hold ctr and click multiple notes to select many of them) and press ctr+v to paste the sforzato symbol to attach to them.

In short, you can copy and paste the sforzato onto other notes.

I know this is an old thread, but I just saw it when someone else commented on it.

I have a shortcut that I assigned using preferences (under the edit menu) to toggle sforzato and tenuto. The option is also there for a trill. IMO this is sufficient, but allowing the toggling or addition of all standard (basic and advanced) palette symbols makes a lot of sense. Anything I can do without looking for another palette speeds up the input process. Let us chose our own shortcuts, especially since there are so many.

I'll put in a feature request.

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