Instruments marked invisible should not get shown in the create excerpts dialog

• May 7, 2015 - 11:00
S5 - Suggestion

Instruments marked invisible in the "Add Instruments" dialog should not get shown in the "Create Parts" dialog and so not affected by the "All New". After all the user had a reason to mark it invisible (whether or not that is considered a legitimate reason or not)


Looking into this revealed 2 things:

  1. Avoiding hidden instruments to generate parts via the "New All" button needs a change in libmscore/expect.cpp, Excerpt::createAllExcertpts()
  2. Avoiding the hidden parts to show in the "Create Parts" dialog, would need a change in mscore/excerptsDialog.cpp, ExcerptsDialog::createName()

Just doing the 1st without the 2nd would not generate them automatically, but still allow them to get generated on demand, without jumping thru hoops, like temporarily switch to visible, generate part, hide.
Just doing the 2nd without the 1st should not be done, as it doesn't show them in the dialog, but generates them anyway.

Please consider
For some (mostly brass-) insruments are different transpositions - or clefs - in use:
(e.g. Trumpet in Bb/C - French horn in Eb/F - Euphonium in C/Bb - Tuba in C/Bb).

--> I need different transpositions for the same part and
--> I use hidden lines therefore to keep the full score clear and easy to read.

--> Please let me the chance to generate all parts - no matter if they are hidden or not -

Yes, I think showing them in the dialog and allowing to manually create parts for all instruments is the way to go, but prevent it from happening automatically on the "New All" (as well as with the new command line option --export-score-parts)