MuseScore 2.0.1 no sound

• May 7, 2015 - 01:33

MuseScore 2.0.1 notes do not sound when placed in the score or on playback.
I returned to factory settings using the Terminal. No joy.
I have two sound fonts folders in two different places - both are empty.

Mac OS X 10.10.3
Muse Score 2.0.1

I have been using MuseScore since 1.3 Am I now supposed to find sound fonts online and install them? Do none come with the installation? Are they called something else? Where are they supposed to be placed?




They come with the installation. Something apparently is wrong in your installation. Are you sure you followed the 2.0 as opposed to 1.3 proecue for reverting to factory settings? What are your Soundfont folder settings in Edit / Preferences? Do you see a soundfont listed in view / Synthesizer? What if you hit the Add button?

I am running Mac OS X and have had the same problem.
When I first updated it, the sound was fine, but all of a sudden it stopped working and hasn't since. I have tried deleting it and re-downloading it but that did not work.
Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.


Ok, so I finally got the sound to work. I tried just about everything on the list of Marc's suggestions, but the only thing that worked was reverting to factory settings. Basically to do this you just have to (and this is for macs):

1. Close musescore
2. Go to "Go" (in the top left hand corner of the screen) then click "utilities" in the main menu thing (on your computer not in musescore)
3. Open "Terminal"
4. Copy paste this line in and it will revert musescore to factory settings and that should work:

/Applications/MuseScore\ -F

Remember that your preferences will be reset so take note of them before reverting.

Hope that helped!

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I'm on a Mac, and I can't follow your instructions. In particular I have no clue what you mean in 2.

My own way of doing it, which will work no matter where you've installed MuseScore:

1) Command-click on MuseScore in the Dock to open its enclosing folder in Finder*
2) Secondary-click on "MuseScore" and choose "Show Package Contents"
3) Open "Contents" and "MacOS"
4) Hit Cmd+Space and start typing "ter" to search for Terminal in the Spotlight, then hit Enter
5) Drag "mscore" from the Finder window into the Terminal window and type "-F", then hit Enter

*If for some reason you haven't put MuseScore in your Dock, then you know where you go to find it.

Thank to the guide! I've see a non-factorysetted folder and i've see that the sound folder was empty!
Excuse me for the bad english, i'm an Italian

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