"Add/Remove Line Breaks" in parts causes crash

• May 6, 2015 - 13:37

Object: Print all extracted parts with four bars to a system.

When I use Add/Remove Line Breaks in the main score it works. When I go to each part the bars are all squished together.

I attempt Add/Remove LineBreaks in the part and the program crashes each time. After several attempts the file no longer opens and I have to retrieve the hidden file and rename.

CRISIS: I thought this was problem with one score. Now I discover it is a problem with all my scores. I can't print legible parts for any of the songs I have written for a show. Every one of them crashes.

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Before receiving this reply I had tried selecting just four bars on a part before clicking "Add Remove." That works on some parts, even when there are multi-measure rests. However when attempting this with some other parts with multi-measure rests, that approach did not work.

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More specifically, it crashes if the selection contains mmrests *and mmrests have never been turned off since the score was loaded". That's why you don't see the problem when creating a score from scratch and then turning on mmrests, and it's why turning mmrests off then on (press "M" twice) is a workaround.

The crash is easy enough to fix, but it raises a question - what *should* the result be when adding breaks if mmrests are present? I kind of doubt there will be an answer everyone can agree on, but it's worth thinking about.

I'm kind of thinking, treat the mmrest as a single measure for the purpose of this command. So the initial 4-bar rest would count as one bar, so if you were trying to insert breaks every four bars and had that selected, it would put that and the next *3* bars on one line. Probably not what you'd prefer, but then, you probably wouldn't really want that initial 4-bar rest on one line all by itself either. And what if it had been a 3-bar rest, or 17? I think you'll probably end up needing to add breaks manually around mmrests to get exactly what you want in some situations no matter what the default is.

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