Manage groups of notes (how to separate/group)

• May 4, 2015 - 21:11


I'm trying to group notes of the second bar so that it looks like the first bar (group of 4 eighths).


The problem is that when I divide the 4th eighth in two sixteenths, it automatically groups notes in group of 2 eighth instead of 4 like the first bar.

I searched in the handbook and my thought was to create a new time signature, either 4/4 but with a different "grouping policy":

Schermata da 2015-05-04 22:00:24.png

So finally I obtained this:


Are there other ways to do this or this is the proper way?

Thank you


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Oh yes, that is what I was looking for!
Thank you!

P.S. Maybe my method is better if you don't have changes of time signature during the piece, otherwise you should create as many different time signature as the piece requires. On the other hand with beam properties I have to manually adjust beams every time, which can be really annoying.

Yes, a new version or 4/4 is the way to go if you want this by default. You can do it via time signature properties (right click menu), but you have to do it separately for each staff.

BTW, do note that this beam grouping is rather non-standard. Or at least, it is not in accordance with modern standards, which call for each beat to be exposed in 4/4 if there are sixteenths present. MuseScore tries to adhere to modern engraving standards by default where possible. But if you are trying to mimic a historical edition that used this style - and I have on occasion seen it as well - then indeed, you've found the way to do it.

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This is an old thread, but it relates to my question:

I'm writing a piece that is mostly in 7/4. When writing sixteenth note figures, the beams group over two beats, creating a long, and to my eye, confusing passage. I cannot find how to group sixteenth note beams on one beat only, i.e., groups of four notes to the beat.

Thanks in advance,

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Press shift-T to open the time signature palette and you can adjust the beams as you like. Apply the time signature you create to the score and all the beams will be adjusted to the way they are set in the palette.

To apply this time signature drag it to the existing time signature and the old one will be replaced.

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You can also right click the existing time signature and use Time Signature Properties to customize its defaults, but you'd have to do that for each staff individually, so probably better to just create yourself a new 7/4 and maybe add it to your own palette as described in the Handbook under Custom Palette.

You can also override beams individually as described in the Handbook under Beam (ie, use the Beam Properties palette).

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