Rehearsal marks in scores created in previous versions of MuseScore not treated as such

• May 2, 2015 - 05:22

To elaborate, what I'm saying is, if you've previously created a score in 1.3 or earlier, and it includes rehearsal marks in it, now open it in 2.0. Things seem to be fine, and clicking on one of them, Inspector calls it a Rehearsal Mark, however, new things that apply to rehearsal marks, such as Find and Resequence Rehearsal Marks will Not find or apply anything to those marks.

So basically...
1. Open (in 2.0) score with rehearsal marks created in 1.3 or earlier
2. If they are already entirely in order, change any of them so they aren't, (or even add new ones at the beginning or in between)
3. Edit>Tools>Resequence Rehearsal Marks
Expected: rehearsal marks re-letter/re-number to be in order
Actual: no change (OR if you added new ones while in 2.0, ONLY the new ones change)

1. same
2. Edit>Find, then type a mark's letter
Expected: selection moves to rehearsal mark's position
Actual: no change

Applies to both normal 2.0 and Nightly 7f2005a
Mac 10.10.3