MuseScore plays some notes and then some not.

• Apr 30, 2015 - 12:18

I have been using MuseScore with great satisfaction for sevral years now. I recently installed the 2.0.0. version of MuseScore and during play back of a piece i wrote (I copy past notes from another score into the new one) some notes are not sounding. From the point of view from the G-cleff de E (and above) above centre C is not sounding for the countra bass. (I know this in the highest countra bass register) but usualy MuseScore makes them sound any way. I tried to re-instal MuseScore twice, but not solution was found.

Can you help me out?
Jeroen Bakker


Meanwhile, you can try other soundfonts, either to install in place of FluidR3, or to use in addition, just for the contrabass. See the section on Soundfonts in the Handbook.

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