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• Nov 25, 2008 - 01:08

This is the last measure.
I was in the process of setting up the measures for a score but prior to adding the notes, I went through the whole score to make sure everything was set up correctly.
The last measure had extra lines which I didn't know what happened.
Pls help...
Does this affect playback?
I did a line break evey 4 or 5 measures depending on the time signatures.
Lots of time signature changes in this score.

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What version of MuseScore are you using? If you are using the prereleases then you such upgrade to the latest version (r1300). This will probably fix the issue you are having.

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Hi, it was possible to repair your score by deleting the measures (via Control+click and delete) right before the extra bar lines, inserting new measures in their place, and then re-entering the notes for those measures.

I'm not sure exactly what caused the problem initially. However, I do know that undoing a time signature change may create some problems, but I have not looked into it yet. I just fixed a problem with changing time sigs in the code.

Edit: looks like when i reopen the saved score, there are more problems...

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Oh yes.
The measures skew out when a note is changed in bar 98 / 99.

Notice before the change, the Bar 109 was at the bottom of page 8.
When a change was made in the scores I sent, it got moved to top of page 9.

I'm trying to remove the stray note in bar 99 in the Alto section.

Any help appreciated.

I realised when I went into the inspector, the extra bar lines were "auto-generated".
Could this have been the problem?

I down loaded the latest R1321 to see if the problem is solved.
At least now I can delete bars as a stop gap measure as opposed to doing this file all over again.

Thanks for any feedback.

Good software.

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