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• Apr 29, 2015 - 01:28

In the attached score, I'm having great difficulty entering lyrics. If I enter Ctl L the text field doesn't appear in the area I have designated in Text> Lyrics Odd Lines. Now, with Inspector open, and the lyrics field below the first note of the score, Musescore crashes if I change it to Lyrics Even Lines.


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It's not clear what you were expecting - it seems to work as it should for me. You have the vertical offset in the text style set to 3.50sp, which is right in the middle of the staff (nbot sure you'd do that), and to that is added the 2.0sp you have set in Lyrics upper margin, which puts it right below the staff. And that's right where it appears.

As for the crash, can you give precise step by step instructions to reproduce? I added a lyric, changed the Lyrics Even Lines using the Inspector, and it worked fine for me.

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I'm using MS 2.0.0 (6e47f74) on Windows 7 but the score has been created with 2.0.1 (c4e4ed5).
I could not at first not open the file - error message informed that measure 1 was expected to have 3 beats but has 0 (none). Ignoring that message resulted with a score consisting of one empty staff. I edited .mscx file and changed <irregular>1</irregular> to <irregular/> in measure 1 to be able to look at the score.

As for the crash - it happens while editing a lyrics entry and there is no text yet. Once there is some text it won't crash anymore.

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Well, corrupt files do happen, but the file as posted is not corrupt any more. It would be helpful to understand *how* the corruption happens - if you can find steps to reproduce it. There was a bug that appeared very briefly in the nightly builds after 2.0 that could lead to the pickup measure being corrupt, but that was fixed several weeks ago.

For the crash, I'd still need *precise* steps to reproduce using this score. As in, tell me exactly which note to enter a lyric on, what lyrics to enter, what to do with it once I've enetered it, etc. As I said, the things I've tried have worked fine. We need to be able to reproduce a problem to be able to fix it.

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I'm not the OP, so I cannot comment how the corruption happened in the first place. I just tried to open the file posted above and strangely could not see any score (see below). I was able to fix it as described above.


Now, to reproduce the crash:

  1. open any existing score or create a new one
  2. select (click) any note without lyrics
  3. press Ctrl-L to add some lyrics (do not enter any text yet)
  4. (press F8 to open the inspector if it isn't already open)
  5. in inspector window try to change the style to Lyrics Odd Lines or Reset Text to Style
  6. MS crashes

As mentioned before I'm using the regular version 2.0.0 and not any of the nightly builds. Windows 7 and 8.

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If I have the nightly open, and use Open to open "It Had To Be You", the score opens just fine. If I go to Windows Explorer and double click on .mscz file, I get the Corrupt File message and if I select ignore I get what you have pasted here.

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I think that must be two separate files, then - the one you are opening in Explorer is in a different folder perhaps. Feel free to post that version, as opposed to the fixed version, and there is a chance we will recognize the corruption as something caused by a known bug. But in general, in order to fix corruption problems, we need to know how to *create* the corruption - an already corrupted score isn't normally much help.

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That score opens fine for me using my own current build (which, BTW, contains a fix for the crash you reported, and this will be in 2.0.1 :-).

I still *suspect* the corruption issues you are seeing relate to that bug that was fixed. When you say a score was "created" with a given build, does that, created from scratch using that build, or perhaps are some of these scores ones that were *begun* with an earlier buid, or built from a tempalte that was created ina n earlier build? That could be relevant too.

If there is a way to create a corrupt score using a recent nightly buil, we definitely want to know in order to be able to fix for 2.0.1, which is becoming pretty finalized at this point. The last one I knew of that anyone would be likely to run into was just fixed a few minutes ago as well :-)

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I think I may have found where the problem is (or was).
These scores that showed corrupted had under the first measure properties the "exclude from measure count" box checked. When I uncheck the box and had the pickup measure counted as 1, they no longer were corrupted when opened in Version 2.0. I don't know, this may be a bug. Not sure.

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It *is* helpful, thanks. It means this is almost certainly related to #54196: Regression after 2.0 - Score with pickup measure are corrupted when reopen. since that is the basic cause. So *if* you were creating scores using a nighly build created between March 30 and April 8, then you are seeing that bug, already fixed. If on the other hand you were creating scores using a nightly build from more recently than April 8 and are seeing corruption on load in 2.0, then I think perhaps there is still a problem we need to understand better, so precise step by step instructions would still be most appreciated.

EDIT: actually, I might be mistaken. I think it is unfortunately *expected* that scores with pickup measures created in nightly builds - including 2.0.1 - may be flagged as corrupt in vanilla 2.0. It looks like this is going to be an incompatibility - the way 2.0.1 writes pickup measures appears incompability with how 2.0 reads them. Still investigating to see if that is truly how it will be. But in any case, I can verify it is currently the case - saving a score with a pickup in a nightly build then loading into vanilla 2.0 does indeed report corruption.

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Apparently I changed the values for Text>Lyrics Top Line and Lyrics Bottom Line Vertical Offset and General>Page>Lyrics Top Margin somewhere along the line. There is no way to return them to default. So what would you recommend the values to be?

In the attached score you will note a lot of notes on the lower ledger lines and beams that extend below the staff. When I enter the lyrics, they collide with the notes and beams making it difficult to edit along the way. I thought the logical way around this would to enter the lyric for the first note of the score then simply use Inspector to lower it's position then continue on entering lyrics but that simply doesn't work. What would be the proper method?

As for the crash, as confirmed by m.i.r.o., if you select the first note in the score, press Ctl L, without entering a letter, in Inspector change to Lyric Even Line, Musescore crashes.

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Change them whatever you like. If you want to see the default for the specific tempalte you used (different tempaltes have different defaults), just create a new score using that template.

To adjust lyrics position, either change the overall default in text style to do it globally, or select the lyrics you wish to move then move them using Inspector (eg, *after* entering them). Especially useful might be to right click one lyrics, Select / More, Same system - that allwos you to adjust all lyrics of a system together, which would be the norm.

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