Notating use of loop pedal

• Apr 27, 2015 - 22:07

Is there any way to get Musescore to loop sections of a score while it continues to play the rest of the piece?

I'm trying to notate David Garrett's Viva la Vida and would like to have MuseScore play the 6 or so loops he has running without having to notate for 6 instruments - is this possible?

Thanks in advance :)


If I understand correctly, just use copy & paste - or the "R" command to repeat a selection. MuseScore follows standard notation conventions, if you have multiple staves, whatever is going on at one given point in one staff always matches what is going on at that same point in other staves.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. I don't think that will give me what I'm after. This is the piece I'm trying to recreate:

As you can tell he has about 6 loops playing at one point. If I notate these loops as separate instruments then my score will be unnecessarily bulky - they're loops, so I don't really need to have them notated beyond the first section of each loop that I'd be actually playing.

This is only so that Musescore plays the piece back with all the loops in place - for the notation itself I can just add a custom mark.

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MuseScore is more about notating the actual music to be played by human musicians than about creating electronic music per se. If the loop is just a recording to be triggered at some point while the human musicians play along, you could use MuseScore to create the notated portion of the score, then export that to audio and load into Audacity or some sort of DAW software to mix it with the loop recordings.

Or mnaybe I'm still just not understanding what you are trying to do.

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Thanks. I just like using Musescore's playback feature to check that my notation, especially note length, is all objectively correct as when I play it back myself I sometimes play what I want to hear not exactly what's written. Since precision is especially critical with multiple loops I was hoping I could check it easily with playback.

No matter, I can always create a temp version with 6 violins and have 5 of them just repeat the same sequence.

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Hello, you should check out scores by early minimalist composers like Steve Reich for ideas on how to score music like this. Their compositions involve music which have many repetitive parts and are presented in a condensed fashion. I just scored a piece today with four parts that I arranged using my loop pedal and it is only one page long.

Good luck.

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