Best way to have MIDi playback play a slur.

• Apr 25, 2015 - 09:03


I was wondering, whats the best way to have MIDI playback play a slur?

My laptop doesn't seem to play Musescore MIDI slurs correctly.

It counts each individual note of maybe a handful of notes.




MuseScore is primarily a music notation software. It strives to create musical scores, suitable to be read and performed by human musicians.

MuseScore's playback capability has improved over the years but is no substitute for a full blown midi sequencer application with a virtual sound studio and expensive soundfonts. The soundfont supplied with MuseScore does not have all the various samples of staccato, legato, slur, etc. for each of the instruments in the soundfont. The ability for playback is more of a 'spell check' for the written score, rather than a finished audio product as an end in itself.

Having said that, perhaps your MIDI file as imported into MuseScore needs some cleanup work. For instance, maybe ties are needed instead of slurs.

Posting the score here, illustrating the exact problem, is also helpful.


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Hey jammononmy6stringer,


Thats fair.

The slurs are compounded with ties.

Its a transcription of Total Eclipse of the Heart, GLEE style.

So they're slurs but I was asking for the moon and the stars and the sun on this Q.

When the transcription for voice is finished I'd be happy to share it.

Peace. :-)


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I don't understand. If this is an arrangement for voice, there is not going to be an audible difference between notes that are slurred versus not. It's only going to be noticeably different for wind instruments, and to a lesser extent, strings. Are you *sure* you don't just mean ties?

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A tie is just another way of writing a duration.

All instruments are descendants of the human voice.

While instruments are designed by human hands and are only trying to emulate what the first instrument in history can do- I caution against seeing the human voice as limited.

We can write both- a duration of a note and its change in 'timbre' (synergistically with 'pitch') using a slur together with a tie.

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True. You have to realize, it is *very* common on these forums for people to use slurs when they mean to use ties and then wonder why it doesn't work. Also, while of course slurs *can* have meaning for voice, it still isn't at all clear what *specifically* you are expecitng to hear the synthesized voices do differently for slurred versus non-slurred notes. The interpretation of slurs is very instrument-specific.

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