hyphenated lyrics and a tie

• Apr 25, 2015 - 08:10


I am transcribing a vocal part from a student selected cover- Total Eclipse of the Heart.

My issue is that I can't get "lone-ly" of "...a lit-tle bit lone-ly" lined up with the right note for MIDI playback.

I have a beginner voice student and I believe that Musescore MIDI playback will help the student.

Musescore doesn't seem to like a tie and a hyphenated lyric together in the same place.

When I try to reposition "ly" of "lone-ly", I play a game of cat-and-mouse with Musescore elongating the 16th bar indefinitely- never letting the "ly" actually be affixed under the note.

I've included the half-finished transcription and my issue is only with the first couple of measures.

Thank you.



Edit: While this is a bug for v.2.0 I have a found a way to exit and re-enter lyric mode in order to correctly place the part of the word -with hyphen 'somewhat' intact- under the appropriate notehead. (This may already be logged somewhere else on your site. My apologies if this is the case.)

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Easy, just type "lone--ly", i.e. 2 dashes. Only one dash will show, but the 2nd dash will cause a) the 2nd syllable to move to the next note, the one after the slur and b) right align the 1st syllable under the 1st note

Where do you see a defect?

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