Crash on paste of tuplet in imported MIDI file

• Apr 24, 2015 - 22:13
S2 - Critical

Reproducible crash on win7 with v2.0 and latest nightly 170d4c5

- download gimmesom.mid (Gimme Some Lovin') from //
- import in MuseScore
- copy the bar #7 of the 'T.sax.'
- paste it on the bar #7 of the 'A.Sax' (3 above) --> crash
- but paste it on the bar #7 of the 'Trb' (juste above) --> no crash

And vice-versa: if I copy the bar #7 of 'Trb', similar behaviour: it's ok to paste it on the 'T.Sax' but it crashes if I paste it on the 'A.Sax'. It's worth noting that the trombones here have the same rhythm pattern as the tenor-saxs.

If I copy the bar #6 of the 'T.sax.', I can paste it anywhere.

On a first look, it seems connected with the triplets: if I delete the triplets, I can copy-paste anywhere. On the other hand, keeping the triplets and deleting only the first 'half' notes didn't help.

But there is of course something more to produce the issue, creating a new score and playing with some triplets was not enough to reproduce the problem... ;-)


It looks like there is an invalid value for the "track" of the triplet. It's in staff 5 which should work out to voice 20, but instead it is set to 5. Probably somewhere during MIDI import this was supposed to have been multiplied by VOICES but wasn't.