Section Break pause properties don't stick if set to 0.00sec

• Apr 23, 2015 - 17:59
S4 - Minor

Right-click on the section break
Choose Section Break Properties... Section Properties Screenshot - 230415 - 17:48:38.png
Change the pause from the default 3:00sec to 0.00sec Section Break properties 0sec - 230415 - 17:49:22.png
Click OK
Save piece.
Close piece
Open the same piece
Repeat steps above to look at the pause length of the Section Break
Length of pause has returned to 3.00sec. Section Break properties 3sec - 230415 - 17:49:22.png

My current workaround is to use 0.01sec as a pause time which does stick on saving.
I would like to see 0.00sec accepted and to stick.

I am using Musescore 2.0 for Windows in Wine in Ubuntu.
Have replicated the above in Virtualbox running Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 with Musescore 2.0 installed from tiagovaz's version available here


I guess the problem has to do with the default value for this, which is taken from a style setting that, as far as I can tell, is not exposed in the UI anywhere but is initialized to 3 seconds. However, in LayoutBreak::propertyDefault() - which is what determines whether we need to write the value to the score - the default is taken to be 0 seconds. There is comment indicating that maybe at one time we used the style setting but this was backed out for whatever reason:…

At face value, it would seem to make sense to restore the commented out code, or maybe just hardcode "3" as the value here. But it would probably be better for someone familiar with why that change was made to make that call. I don't know why we have a style setting that is not exposed or what other issues might be involved.