How to move a tempo anchor?

• Apr 23, 2015 - 17:45


I've received a score from someone but the guy has forgotten two bars at the beginning. No problem, just add/insert them at the beginning.
But now, I want to move the tempo indication (that is on the third bar, after the insertion) to the new first bar where it should be. I can move the text where I want but I didn't manage to move the tempo-anchor itself (I can't see it anyway) from its original place.
Confirming that: if I start the playback, the two first bars are played at a default tempo, the wanted tempo is only used after the third bar (where the invisible anchor is).
The workaround was trivial: delete old tempo indication, add new tempo indication at the right place.

But is there an official way (that I've missed) to move a tempo indication?



Can you move slurs with the mouse or do they just look like they move? I.e. they look like they've moved but they still affect only the notes to which they were originally anchored.

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There is indeed special handling for slurs. I guess it's because so many people tried adjsuting slurs with the mouse rather than Shift+Right/Left. One or two other elements types use this special handling (dynamics do also). I personally don't care for the inconsistency, and find it disorienting to see anchors move when all I'm trying to do is fine tune the physical position. But I guess I can see why slurs might seem worth doing this as a special case.

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Hang on, we've got yves.925 saying they can really be moved using the mouse, Marc saying they are a special case and the handbook says:

"Note: It is not possible to change the start and end anchor notes using the mouse. Use Shift + ← or → to adjust the start and end points of a slur".

Moving an anchored element (slur, volta, tempo mark) visually anything other than a small distance without moving its anchors could lead to a word of pain.

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bility to change anchors for slurs using the mouse is a relatively recent change. Ditto for dynamics. Not sure what other elements allow this. Most don't. As I said, I find it rather disorienting especially with dynamics, which change anchors far too readily. Slurs require you to move the mouse directly over a notehead. Not sure what other elements may or may not allow this. And yes, people have shot themselves in the foot probably many thousands of times over the years by trying to drag things when they should be changing anchor, so I do understand the desire to maybe allow that. But try fine tuning the position of some dynamics in some piano music (or anything with multiple staves) by dragging, and see if you don't find the automatic anchor change annoying...

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yes it's possible to move them with the mouse and yes it's a special case! ;-)

Undermark, the handbook was not correctly updated, the note you've quoted is indeed contradictory with the first sentence of the Adjustment section. Well spotted!

I didn't see the outdated note when I recommended you the handbook earlier, I'm going to remove the wrong sentence now! :-)

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