Spelling of accidentals will not stay put

• Apr 23, 2015 - 16:37

I am now working with the released 2.0 version. While I don't think I have had this problem recently with the Beta versions, it is now definitely back. Perhaps I am missing something. I have scores which insist on changing spelling of accidentals. I will work on the score, fix the accidentals, then save it. When I close the score, and reopen, the spelling of the accidentals has changed from the way I saved it. In the most recent case, the key signature is one flat, and the Musescore keeps changing E-flats to D-sharp, and A-flats to G-sharp. How can I prevent this from happening? or is this a bug?


Did you use the "J" command to fix the accidentals? That doesn't work (it does for transposing instruments). There is a categorical bug in this area; go into "concert pitch" mode, fix them (with the up and down arrows), and save them. It will "take".

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I am not familiar with the "J" command. I fix accidentals by clicking on the note that is spelled wrong (say D-sharp instead of E-flat) and then, once highlighted, I move the note by a half-step using the arrow keys (in this case up to E-natural) and then back to the original pitch with the arrow key (in this case down) which results in it now being spelled correctly.

I should say that I have also now noticed again (it has happened a few times in the last few days) that I have key signatures that disappear when reloading a score. In all these cases, the starting point for these scores was input from a midi file.

Actually -- now it looks like it may be a weird cache issue. After re-fixing a score, I went back to the open score dialog, and the score I had just saved was still listed with a time stamp some two days ago. I closed Musescore, reopened, and then the correct time stamp appeared in the open file dialog. Somehow, perhaps, when I am opening a score, I am not always retrieving the latest saved version?

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Nothing MsueScore does would cause this; maybe if you have some sort of file-versioning software on your comptuer it might be responsible.

There indeed a bug - fixed in the nightly builds shortly after the release of 2.0 - where the "J" key for fixing accidentals wouldn't stick. There were also some specific issue with key signatures in certain non-standard MIDI files. But using the arrow keys to fix enharmonic spellings should always work. As should deleting and re-adding key signatures if you have one of the cases where it wasn't properly recognzies.

If you have a specific case where things reliably don't work, please post the specific score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

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