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• Apr 23, 2015 - 04:24

Have a score with SATB on 4 staves. Composer wants SA - TB reduction on piano staff, but don't need Text etc.

I've added the piano reduction, I've copied the SA to the treble cleff, and the TB to the bass cleff.

In a fit of "clever", I selected the 1st syllable in the SA reduction, went to "Select" and looked for "all similar".... Nope.

Even "all" isn't there. So is there a way to not copy the text from S to RT hand reduction and from A to RT hand reduction? (I bet there is - I just haven't found it yet...)

Thanks for all help.


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To add more detail,

4 voices, SATB each with text. I want ot combine SA into treble clef for piano reduction, but I don't need the text. If i click the first measure (of the Soprano line), then Shift Click the last measure the whole line is selected.

And then I went to Edit Copy... and then I realized that I am an idiot and tried Rt.Click and what I need is right there!

Part of my issue is that I don't expect to find options in a RtClick that are not in main menu - IOW RtClick (for me) is merely a shortcut to the menu Bar. Context sensitive, sure, but does not include choices not available through the Edit Menu.

So, the programme is great - this is just about expected behaviour... and if I'm the only one that's noticed this, then it's just a bit more of the learning curve for me.


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FWIW, I'm not aware of any user interface guidelines that require or even recommend all context menu options also be present in the main menu. I don't think it's a good idea - there could potentally be dozens of commands relevant only for very specific elements types that would just be taking up room and need to be greyed out most of the time.

That isn't to say that there is any particular commands from the context menu *shouldn't* also be in the main menu. Commands like those in the Select sbmenu apply to all element types and as such do seem like decent candidates.

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It's not important, but I'm still struggling to figure out exactly what you were trying to do. Was it that you wanted to select, copy, and paste a series of notes, without their lyrics? That's my best guess. If so, you can use the Select All Similar Elements in Same Staff from the context menu for one of the notes. But a better way to do it is to use the Selection Filter —simply uncheck the box for Lyrics. That way, you can take along everything else. Using Select All Similar, you would get only the notes—things like dynamics wouldn't be selected.

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(I'm hoping I didn't post an earlier partial response...)

( to misquote) The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves. I didn't see the "selection Filter" in the View menu. I was thinking of it as an Edit function.

Fixed it - Made a copy of the file, deleted everything in the piano reduction, Used the selection filter to select just the notes, copy and paste - first the S then the A. Worked

1 weird thing - at one point there is a Bb in both voices (accidentals). After I copied, it comes out looking like Bbb. I can understand why, but it looks strange. Now I have to figure out how to change it to just Bb. I'll work on it.

Thanks for the help, yet again.

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Normally that shouldn't happen - the flats should have merged. At least if you are talking about what I think you are talking about. Occasionally, depending on the order you do things in, both flats will display at first, but it would fix itself if you transpose the note an octave up then down (Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down) or on reload or perhaps upon editing something else in the measure. If you have a sxpecific score with specific steps to reproduce a problem beyond that, please post if you can.

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Not sure I can reproduce it, but I'll try.

I had not done anything to the file to allow the flats to merge, but it was easy to click on one and delete it. In that way, it's like editing a document, in that the graphic (b) has no impact beyond printing, whereas I assumed that (being music) playing back would sound an A (Bbb). I guess that the "picture" of a flat contains no midi information - it's just a picture.

And that seem to be the case - it sounds a Bb.

A new thing I noticed - some measures that have a Bb (accidental) at the beginning of a measure, are adding the accidental again the next time the noted is sounded in the same measure.

I've attached the file.

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weird flat handling - mm 7 S and B.mscz 19.96 KB

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The donwside of deleting an accidental is playabck will be wrong - you are literlly turning it into B natural. Unless it was a courtesy accidental of course.

As for the duplicate accidentals, nto sure how you created this, but the second accidental is set to "user" - like you told Musecorte you wanted an accidentla there even though it wasn't necessary. This would happen if, for instance, you added it via the the toolbar even though the note was already flat.

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It happens with other flats, too - see meas. 7 in the 4th staff.
I don't know what caused this, but to fix:

1. Right click on any note -> Select -> All Similar Elements -> then holding the Ctrl key, hit up arrow (raises all notes 1 octave) followed by down arrow (restores former octave).


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