Declare cross-system barlines different in a score

• Apr 22, 2015 - 17:40

Hello everybody,

a short question - to the better understanding, I inclose two annexes (excerpts from the score)

How can I reach the different 'groups' of cross-system barlines?
And is it possibile, to define the repeat bars with a seperate aperance? Somehow a global design...

Thanks in advance and
best regards

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It's not quite clear what you are asking, ut to extended barlines through staves, double click and drag them however far you want them to extend. To get the effect of multiple meters at once with barlines in different places, that is soemthing you've asked about before, and I beleive you are understand what's necessary there?

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Let me try to explain...
When you extend the barlines through staves, you have the same aperance for the complete score.
My question is, if it is possible to 'group' different staves(?)/instruments in different ways within one score?
That's what is shown in the two pdf-files.
And the second question: is it possible to define the repeat bars that way, that they always go through all staves.

Sorry, a bit tricky for me because I'm missing the technical terms in english :-(
Hope it's clearer now...

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Well, barlines is barlines, so if you change normal barlines to span x system, the same is true for double barlines and repeat barlines.
Having different grouping of staves might be something to consider and implement in connection with a section break, but currently (and as mentioned in the German forum) I don't know of a way to have different groupings (brackets and barline spans) in the same score.

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Oh, OK, I get it now - I thought you just wanted something that looked like the first example, wasn't understanding that you wanted part of the piece look like that and part to look like the second.

You actually *can* do this. You can extend barlines for just one measure using Ctrl+drag. Or, if you have a whole range where you want this done, select the barlines (eg, select range, then right click one and Select / All similar elements in range selection), then use the Inspector to change the number of "Spanned staves" from 1 to however many staves you want those barliens to span.

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That's what I was looking for.
Thank you so much. It works perfect.
And it doesn't matter what kind of bar line you select, so even
my secend question is answered.
First I select the repeat bar and spread it over all staves.
Afterwards I select these bar lines I'd like to span over a number of staves
and that's it.

Great work, really great work!
This program is unbelievable.! Thanks to all of you for this incredible work.

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